Nature’s solutions for regenerating farms

We brew effective microorganisms - also known as probiotic liquids for use on farms and in agriculture

We're brewers, but not that kind!

We brew effective microorganisms.

We harvest them from virgin soil, ferment them – which multiplies the microorganisms – and then make them available in liquid form to be used in many different areas on farms, from arable crops, to slurry and manure, to supporting animal health.  

All 100% natural and chemical free. The live fermented liquid solutions can be added to animal feed, sprayed on soil, crops, bedding and manure, and will enhance your farm environment. This microbial balancing technology is widely used across Europe via our partners and others. Effective microbes are nature’s probiotic and the ultimate renewable resource.

We have been fermenting effective microbes since 2012, starting in human health and expanding into homes, pets, horticulture and farming.