All life needs water

Water is essential for life. We all need it to survive. The cleanliness and purity of water is very important for creating healthy environments. Water that comes directly from the tap is usually treated with chlorides and fluorides. These are used to kill harmful bacteria. They are not used because they are a safe and effective means of disinfection but rather because they are cheap.

Chlorine has been found to be damaging to human health. Chlorine-contaminated water can cause an increased risk of cancer, an increased risk of respiratory problems and asthma attacks, cell damage and cardio-vascular health problems.

At Microbz, we know that beneficial microbes don’t respond well to chlorinated water – it is after all a natural disinfectant and bleaching agent. We ensure all water we use to brew is de-chlorinated and filtered.

We also suggest that you use de-chlorinated water when you dilute your microbes at home. Simply pour water from the tap into an open jug or wide-mouth container and leave it for 20 minutes to allow the chlorides and fluorides to evaporate. Humans are more than 60% water and the quality of water that we drink is critical for health.

You can also use our microbial ceramic pipes to revitalise water. They are designed to restructure water and make it more easily absorbed by the body. We would suggest using these in all the water that you consume.

Watch Jeff’s video

Founder of Microbz Jeff Allen discusses water and the importance it has to our health.

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