Water Hyssop: botanical image of the water hyssop plant

Water Hyssop

Bacopa monnieri

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Description: A creeping, succulent perennial growing up to 50cm (20in) in height. The leaves are spatula-shaped and fleshy with pale blue or white flowers, on long tender stalks.

Habit and cultivation: Grows in the warmer temperate and tropical areas of the world especially Southern Asia. Thrives in marshland, developing into dense mats on mudflats and at the edges of mango swamps.

Actions (known for): Adaptogenic, nervine tonic and sedative.

History: First described in ancient Sanskrit books, around the 6th century AD. It was categorized as meaning ‘intellect rejuvenation’ and has been the star of Ayurvedic medicine in relation to mind-related health concerns.

Parts used: Whole herb.

Constituents (bio available chemicals): Mainly saponins, steroidal, saponins, bacoside A and B.

Nutritional constituents: Vitamin: B6.

Indications: Epilepsy, mental exhaustion, poor memory and concentration, nerve damage and neurasthenia.

Dosage for therapeutic doses: Liquid extract (1:2): 40-90ml per week. Decoction of dried herb: 3-9g daily.

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