The Cycle of Life

Nature has a cycle of life and death and microbes are crucial at every step

The cycle of life starts at birth – new life – and travels through periods of growth until death and decay. This natural cycle exists in plants, humans and animals. Microbes break down organic matter into the building blocks of life, so they are available for rebirth and regrowth. As humans, we struggle to complete the cycle of life. We are good at making new things, but we also cause damaging pollution and waste.

How do microbes help?

Microbes break down organic matter into the building blocks of life, making them available for rebirth and regrowth. Healthy ecosystems are diverse in microbes and naturally support the cycle of life.

The body

Microbes are crucial within the body. They are involved in every function, especially the digestive system, absorbing and delivering nutrients and boosting immunity – 80 per cent of our immune cells live in the gut. Microbes ensure the body gets what it needs from food and maintain a healthy balanced digestive system. Microbes do the same for animals. 

Our Bio-Live range for human health is designed to assist this process. 

Breaking down food and waste

Beneficial microbes are experts at breaking down food and water waste. At waste treatment facilities, it is microbes that treat the waste. They convert it into the molecules that are normally found in nature: some solid, some liquid and some gasses.

Our Compost Activator and Bokashi products are designed to support this process.

Delivering nutrients to the soil

One single teaspoon of soil contains billions of microbes. What we think of as soil is actually a rich web of interconnected microbes. Modern agricultural methods have resulted in the depletion of topsoil, which is rich in organic matter and supports the microbes to recycle nutrients. This leaves farmers and gardeners increasingly reliant on fertilisers and pesticides. Research shows that by adding beneficial microbes soil regeneration can be accelerated.

Our Soil Conditioner and Soil Replenish is designed to support microbial diversity in soil. 

Growing healthy plants

A soil that is rich in diverse microbes supports healthy plants. Microbes applied to plants also create a healthy environment in the roots and on the leaf surface. Plants are stronger, with improved germination, flowering and fruit growth, so that pests and pathogenic bacteria are repelled. Healthy plants feed healthy people, thereby closing the cycle of life.

Our Plant Boost and Plant Protector is designed to support microbial diversity in plants. 

Watch Jeff’s video

Founder Jeff Allen talks about the Cycle of Life 

“To live in a sustainable world, we need to learn how to live in the cycle of life. Microbes are very good at this. They naturally have an intelligence that will assist what is growing and also assist what is decaying. They were the first form of life on this planet and if we’re not careful they’ll be the last.”

How can you help complete the Cycle of Life?

We invite you to think about the way that you live and how microbes can help you to look after your body, treat your waste and nourish your soils and plants. Smart balanced living is all about working with nature to close the Cycle of Life.

Contact us if we can help. 

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