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Research suggests that it can take up to two years to get your gut microbiome fit. Along with a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and sleep, taking Bio-Live as a daily supplement helps restore and maintain your digestive health and overall wellbeing.

How does a Bio-Live subscription work?

Bio-Live comes in packs of three x 500ml bottles four times a year. Each bottle is one month’s supply so each pack will last you three months.

You pay only £45* by direct debit every three months – the cheapest way to get your Bio-Live. And postage is free.

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 *Bio-Live Fitness and Bio-Live Revive – £70 by direct debit every three months

How do I take it?

Each morning, on an empty stomach, take 15ml (1tbsp). You can also mix it in with your favourite juice or smoothie.

Bio-Live does not require refrigeration and we recommend keeping it in a cool dark cupboard space, out of direct sunlight.

Which Bio-Live subscription should I choose?
Bio-Live Gold or Bio-Live Dark: both of these are our original all-purpose super brews. They have the same bio live cultures and juices, herbs and minerals. The only difference is that Bio-Live Gold is brewed with malt and Bio-Live Dark is brewed with molasses.

Reasons to choose Bio-Live Gold or Dark:

Gut microbiome imbalance shows up in so many different ways including: acid reflux, digestive pain, bloating, constipation or diarrhoea, skin problems, poor sleep, IBS, leaky gut and even auto-immune diseases.

Bio-Live Women: Women’s reproductive systems are miraculous and go through hormonal changes monthly, during pregnancy and breast feeding, and during menopause. The bio live cultures with selected herbs is designed to maintain hormone balance at any stage in a woman’s life.

Reasons to choose Bio-Live for Women:

UTI’s, low energy levels, vaginal infections, skin problems, hormone imbalance, hot flushes, PMS, menstrual pain, pregnancy, breastfeeding or fatigue.

Bio-Live Sleep: Research is illuminating the crucial link between a healthy gut and a good night’s sleep. Recognising that so many of us suffer from sleep related issues we have teamed up with The Sleep Lovers, creators of a growing community helping you fall in love with sleep again, to create the UK’s first liquid sleep supplement with bio live cultures and selected herbs.

Reasons to choose Bio-Live Sleep:

Insomnia, restless legs syndrome, shift work sleep disorder, jet lag, daytime fatigue, difficulty falling or staying asleep, lack of concentration, irritability or anxiety and stress.

Bio-Live Fitness: Research shows it is the microbiome that controls immune function, inflammation, digestive health, body composition and the ability of the body to metabolise energy. To keep the body working in optimum condition it is important to look after your gut microbes.

Reasons to choose Bio-Live Fitness:

Bio-Live Fitness is a unique combination of 15 strains of beneficial microbes and traditional herbs, minerals and electrolytes that can help to support the body to increase stamina during physical activity and repair muscles afterward. It’s made for bodybuilders, runners, ballet dancers, and anyone who does physical activity.

Bio-Live Resilience: Echinacea is a strong immune stimulator and is perfect for the onset of ailments. Brewed with bio live cultures, echinacea and herbs, this is designed to support a healthy immune system.

Reasons to choose Bio-Live Resilience:

At the onset of cold or flu, after a course of antibiotics, inflammation or safeguarding against winter bugs.

Bio-Live Breathe: This living fermented liquid with bio live cultures, herbs and minerals is designed to maintain healthy airways and help ease respiration.

Reasons to choose Bio-Live Breathe:

Asthma, excess mucous, persistent cough, wheeziness, health effects from smoking or air pollution.

Bio-Live Revive: Fermented with premium ingredients, this is designed to soothe and treat inflammation anywhere along the digestive system from mouth to bottom.

Reasons to choose Bio-Live Revive:

Gut related issues such as skin acne, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn and more.

Bio-Live Liver: Our 100% natural supplement designed to maintain a healthy liver through a healthy gut. Enriched with 15 families of carefully selected bio live active cultures and over 10 liver supporting herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion root and artichoke

Reasons to choose Bio-Live Liver:

Fatigue, excessive gas, poor sleep, abdominal pain and swelling, cravings, weak digestion and headaches.

Bio-Live Kids: We created Kids because we know how important it is to boost beneficial bacteria for our infants and children, naturally. Along with selected herbs, we add the microbes which have been proven to be significant intestinal bacteria transmitted in natural childbirth and during breastfeeding.

Reasons to choose Bio-Live Kids:

General health boost, safeguarding against bugs in classrooms, runny nose, digestive issues, sleep problems and ongoing support for a healthy immune system.

When will I start to see a difference?

Everyone’s microbiome is unique. Most people report positive responses within the first couple of weeks although for others, it can take a little longer.

Some customers report a reaction when they start to take Bio-Live. A reaction indicates an existing imbalance of some kind in the microbiome. Many times, reactions are positive and can be a great help. They indicate just what needs the most healing and are usually a sign of that kick starting.

Very often this is a detoxification process that we can feel happening through what we describe as reasons. In the example of loose stools, we recommend taking a smaller daily dose until the digestion settles down.

Research suggests that it can take up to two years to get your gut microbiome fit for purpose. Along with a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and sleep, take Bio-Live as a daily supplement to help restore and maintain your digestive health and overall wellbeing.

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