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Hi, my friend recommend I try using microbes for both my daughter and myself.

My daughter is 6 and has recurring bladder infections and had lots of antibiotics which never seem to clear it up completely. Would the microbes be safe to use for her? Also, I have colitis (inflammatory bowel disease) and I’m wondering if they would be good for me too. Please advise.


Zara’s Answer:

It is always good to check out potential supplementation and I can assure you that I would definitely recommend the GOO for YOU from Micobz for children, for your daughter. This is to counteract the effects of taking many antibiotics, which deplete the natural diversity of microbes and weaken the immune system. I would also recommend D-mannose plus from Cytoplan which is tasteless and a powder to mix into water or juice to help with the UTIs. In addition, Bio-Live Gold or Dark would be recommended for you. Safe for all ages, Micobz products contain only beneficial microbes and many customers have reported relief from colitis. The children’s version is tailored more for their requirements.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions and if you would like further advice.

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