“Life would not long remain possible in the absence of microbes.”- Louis Pasteur


Microbes are everywhere. Our bodies contain 10 times more microbes than human cells, our own community of trillions of single cell, living organisms (known as the microbiome) and, as we look after them, they look after us.

Most microbes are helpful and life enhancing; very few cause disease. In trying to kill the bad ones (pathogens) we often build their resistance and make them stronger making our environment and us unhealthy.

Microbes have a huge impact on our health impacting our immune system, digestion, nutrient absorption and mood regulation. It’s apparent that microbes are crucial in our mission for optimal health but there are many elements of our modern lifestyle that threaten them. These include the use of antibiotics, stress, pollution, and poor diet.

Microbes are amazingly diverse and literally cover the planet. They are the backbone of ecosystems and they can survive in environments where temperatures reach up to 100°C whilst some can survive in very cold habitats. These tiny micro-organisms have been around for millions of years and successfully colonised every corner of the earth and every creature on it.

Microbes are the ultimate recyclers in nature. They break down organic waste in the cycle of life and use the remaining minerals and nutrients for regeneration. This offers tremendous opportunities for all kinds of sustainable applications. Microbes complete the cycle of life through the process of fermentation and are crucial at every step. They break down organic matter into the building blocks of life, making them available for rebirth and regrowth. Healthy ecosystems are diverse in microbes and naturally support the cycle of life.

There is still much to learn about microbes and we believe it is important to contribute to the advancement of that knowledge. The healthier our microbiomes are, the healthier we are and the healthier the planet is.

Our living fermented liquids with bio live cultures are hand brewed in a safe, wholesome environment and we embrace probiotics which deliver and support beneficial microbes and restore balance. We combine active, beneficial microbes in unique blends designed to benefit any environment. Natural, sustainable and effective – this is a technology everyone and everything can thrive on.

Watch Sue’s video on her life with microbes and how she lives in harmony with nature and microbes.

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