Here is my diary of all the different ways I use microbes at Spirthill. This routine works a treat – and I love knowing that it is 100% chemical free.


  • Add Pet Nutrition Booster to our lab puppy Kit’s drinking water and also to Vic the cat’s wet food. It helps their digestion and prevents worms and other nasties.
  • Drink my splash of Bio-live. I mix it with sparkling water and call it my ‘probiotic cocktail’.
  • Spray Power Cleaner around the cat’s feeding bowl, leave a couple of minutes and wipe clean. She is a messy eater and cat food can stick! But I find the bits wipe off easily and there are fewer flies too.
  • Spray Air Freshener around the animals’ beds and cleaning up after any puppy accidents.


  • Spray Plant Boost foliar feed on garden plants and vegetables with a diluted (1:100 or in other words 10ml of Plant Boost to 10 litres of water) mix to build up vitality and disease resistance. What I notice is that the leaves are thicker and greener, with strong new growth.
  • Spray very diluted (1:200) Plant Boost foliar feed weekly on seedlings and young plants and watch them take off as the weather gets warmer.
  • This month we are celebrating that adding Pond Balance to our year old pond has completely got rid of the blooms of blanket weed that appeared in the spring. Now the pond is clear and healthy, the lilies are in bloom.
  • Pour a little diluted Drains Clean and Clear down sinks, bathtub and shower tray last thing so the microbes can munch away and clean the drains overnight.
  • Every Tuesday lovely Tina the cleaner uses the Power Cleaner and Floor Cleaner throughout the office, brewery and living spaces. She loves how they clean even though the changeover to mixing in a spray bottle took a bit of getting used to.

Happy microbes to you too!

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