Happy New Year!
Flu and cold viruses are around everywhere it seems, and our team here at Microbz has had its share. So this month my headline is simple: Bio-Live Echinacea, Echinacea, and more Echinacea.

This natural antibiotic mixed with friendly microbes can help to strengthen our immune system so we are able to ward off viruses or, if they get a toe-hold, ensure that their effect on our health is minimised. Echinacea is a traditional herbal remedy and many of its chemical constituents are powerful immune system stimulators that can give significant therapeutic value.

As we know, pharmaceutical antibiotics are not appropriate for flu bugs. The flu vaccine is helpful but the more we vaccinate, the more surely the virus mutates to come around again next year in a different form. Those guys are smart, and it’s their job to change and survive!

Building our own immunity long-term gives us the best protection. In the years since I have been taking Bio-Live I can honestly say I have had fewer colds and bugs, and those that have got into my system go through much more quickly. 

Now we have developed Bio-Live Echinacea it is my drink of choice at the slightest sign of sniffles or a sore throat.

Stay warm and well,


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