December is a weird and wonderful month – super stressful as we meet deadlines and prepare for the holiday, and then super indulgent as we celebrate Christmas and New Year. My bottle of Bio-Live probiotic goes down quicker than ever this month, as I make sure I have the health and stamina to cope with it all!

By now I use microbes in almost every aspect of life here at Spirthill: in my home, in the office, in the garden, with the humans and the animals. I love reaching for a 100% environmentally friendly and chemical-free solution for almost any situation. And I pass on these tips because we are constantly finding new uses for our friendly microbes and I hope you will too.

For Christmas…

  •  I take a Microbz travel pack in my carry on bag so I can keep my routine going even when I’m teaching, working or holidaying abroad. We’re sending them out as Christmas treats to our trade Microbz customers this year – what a gift!
  •  And talking of gifts, I am giving Microbz vouchers this year so friends and family can choose which of our amazing products to try. I’m following the motto, “You know it’s a good present when you would want to receive it for yourself.”

And then daily…

  •  Drink my splash of Bio-live. I mix it with sparkling water and call it my ‘probiotic cocktail’. This week I felt a cold or flu lurking so I switched to Bio-live Echinacea, one of the strongest natural immune stimulators going.
  •  Use a big blob of Bioemsan toothpaste. The hygenist says I am a model patient, with really good gum health. This is a great relief because my gums used to bleed sometimes when I brushed my teeth.
  •  Add Pet Nutrition Booster to our labrador Kit’s dry food. It helps his digestion and prevents worms and other nasties. Millie my sister’s dog is often with us as we share dog sitting, so she gets some fermented food supplement too. They lap it up.
  •  Spray Power Cleaner around the dog’s feeding bowl. If there are any dog accidents the Power Cleaner swings into action too. I am confident it is the best disinfectant for the job as the microbes absorb any leftover imperceptible stuff.
  •  Spray Power Cleaner around the toilet seats, bowl and floor. Let’s face it, our aim is not always 100% accurate and the friendly microbes take care of pathogens and smells. Done.
  •  Last thing, spray Multi Surface cleaner (I am using the Lavender one right now) over the dining table, kitchen surfaces and hob. I’m lazy so I leave it overnight and let the microbes do their magic munching on any bits of food or spills.
  •  Next last thing: after cleaning my face I use the bioemsan moisturiser. This year I had a REALLY big old birthday but people often tell me I look younger.


  •  December is well and truly muddy so our stair carpet takes a bashing. A quick spray of the Textile Cleaner, leaving it to lift the stains for a while, and a wipe with a warm cloth keeps them fresh
  •  There is nothing better than a hot soak in the bath after a cold day outdoors. I mix our Magnesium Oil into the water to take away any muscle strains and generally relax my system. We all need extra magnesium as this vital element is increasingly depleted in our soils and our food, and absorbing it through the skin is the best way to boost it.
  •  One night each week I pour a little diluted Drains Clean and Clear down sinks, bathtub and shower tray so the microbes can munch away and clean the drains overnight.
  •  Every Tuesday lovely Tina the cleaner uses the Power Cleaner and Floor Cleaner throughout the office, brewery and living spaces. She loves how they smell and how they clean even though the changeover to mixing in a spray bottle took a bit of getting used to. She announced last week that the Multi Surface Cleaner works a treat on all the glass and windows.

Special occasions…

  •  We hold regular meetings in the South Barn, and I spray any tea and coffee stains on the carpet with Textile Cleaner and watch them disappear. Sometimes I give stains a final wash with warm water but it is a miracle solution; those billions of microbes love to gobble up organic material.
  •  Whenever the dishwasher red light comes on I tip in diluted Power Cleaner (straight out of the spray bottle) instead of Rinse Aid. It does the job and I love knowing that the water that swirls down the drain is carrying those beneficial microbes down too.

Whether you are using microbes in 1% or 100% of your life, keeeeeeep drinking, diluting and spraying! If you have any contributions or questions I’d love to hear them. Please email me at

And have a wonderful, peaceful and microbial (they’re everywhere anyway!!) Christmastime,

Sue x

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