Now that the turkey has been eaten, the presents opened, and the sherry put back in the cupboard we are in that glorious time between Christmas and New Year when we can relax, finish the chocolates, and look forward to a new ye

I think we can all agree that 2021 threw up hugely challenging situations – a continued global pandemic – and extra pressure for many people at work and at home. Any stress impacts the gut through the gut-brain superhighway, the vagus nerve. And our gut is sensitive to stress, as we all know, from nervous ‘butterflies in my tummy’ to stomach aches and digestive disturbance – either constipation or diahorrea.

So how do you want your 2022 to be?

How could you tell if your gut microbiome is imbalanced as we start this New Year? If you are currently experiencing weight gain, sleep disturbances, fatigue, breakouts or skin irritation, IBS, constipation or bloating then you might have an imbalance in your gut microbiome.

We know that gut health is the root of many of our health issues because the gut plays such a pivotal role in how our body absorbs nutrients from what we eat and drink. If the gut is healthy with a diverse and populous number of beneficial microbes, then it can more easily extract the benefits from healthy food and drink and more easily process out toxins. However, if the microbes in the gut are few and limited in diversity then the body is not able to absorb what it needs to maintain health, and this has far reaching consequences.

There is a growing body of evidence that poor gut health hampers the body’s ability to fight off Covid-19. Microbiologist Heenan Kim says, “the whole world is suffering from this pandemic, but what people do not realise is that the pandemic of damaged gut microbiomes is far more serious now.”

Our Microbz 90-Day Gut Health Reboot is designed to help you regain good gut health. In your package you will get, a bottle of Bio-Live Revive, two bottles of Bio-Live Gold, emails with tips about how you can look after your gut microbiome, a gut health wellbeing chart to record how you’re feeling and watch your progress and access to a closed Facebook Group to ask any questions and connect with others who are also taking the reboot.

What are these probiotics and how do they work?

Bio-Live Revive – winner of the Nourish 2021 Award – is designed to soothe and treat inflammation anywhere along the digestive system from mouth to bottom. Microbz recommend taking Bio-Live Revive for two months to repair the gut and gastrointestinal tract and then moving onto another Bio-Live probiotic within the range to maintain gut health.

Beneficial microbes in the gut are vital for digestion, breaking down toxins, producing vitamins and supporting the immune system.

Bio-Live Gold – finalist in the Natural and Organic Awards 2021 – is a liquid probiotic with 15 strains of beneficial microbes and 50 herbs, minerals and juices to restore your digestive health naturally. It is a generous and abundant fermented probiotic designed to emulate nature.

Can I take any kind of probiotic?

A common misconception is that all probiotic supplements are the same; with 500 food and beverage probiotic products being introduced to the UK market in the past decade, it’s important to know this is not the case.

Why is Bio-Live unique?

  • It is a liquid probiotic, rather than a powder or a pill. A liquid is more easily absorbed by the body and it doesn’t trigger the digestive system to produce stomach acid, which can kill beneficial bacteria. This means more live bacteria can reach the lower intestines ready to get to work.
  • Bio-Live contains a wide diversity of microbial strains, 15 to be precise. There are billions of microbes in every sip. Diversity is key to gut health. Experts tell us to look for a probiotic that contains a variety of strains of bacteria, especially those from the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium family.
  • Bio-Live probiotics are fermented with traditional herbs and minerals that have been used for centuries to reduce inflammation and support the immune system. The microbes make these herbs and minerals bio-available for the body to absorb through a healthy gut lining. Bio-Live supports the natural intelligence of the body and of the microbes.
  • Bio-Live is fermented. When we get to liquid probiotics, fermentation is best. Fermented foods and drinks are packed full of beneficial microbes and enzymes which support the health of the gut microbiome and help rid the body of toxins. Sauerkraut, a type of fermented cabbage, can have up to 20 times more vitamin C than regular cabbage after it’s been fermented.
  • It is 100% natural and derived from nature rather than made in a lab. We harvest our cultures from the soil.
  • It is gluten free, GM, wheat, dairy and sugar free and most products are vegan and vegetarian approved. *Bio-Live Revive is not vegan

What do the people who take it have to say about it?

“Most companies are selling you a quick fix that ends up becoming another failure. Gut health and the premise of taking your time; 3 months as a base is a really admirable thing to promote. Simple to follow, a handy calendar to record changes and a friendly Facebook group to answer questions as part of it all.”

Andy McKenzie 

“Excellent. I have only taken the product for a few days, but I can already detect some subtle changes. My stomach is feeling more comfortable and an ongoing bladder infection is noticeably less irritated/ inflamed. I am looking forward to seeing more good results in the future.”

Website customer

In only a few days I am feeling a difference. At this stage I feel I’ve found what I’ve been looking for.”

Jackie Marsh



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