Why we ferment juices, herbs and minerals with microbes

Living cultures – better known as probiotics – help support a healthy gut. They travel through the intestines and repopulate the gut with beneficial microbes that help to break down food and eliminate toxins. At Microbz, we ferment our live cultures with organic...

Why should you take a probiotic that is alive?

Supplements with live active cultures (often known as probiotics) contain living bacteria (most often Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus species) and yeast which promote health, particularly in the gut microbiome. A probiotic contains live microorganisms that, when...

Enjoy gut friendly festive foods this Christmas

Christmas just got a whole lot tastier! It’s almost time to celebrate this jolly time of year with friends and family. As a little treat, we are sharing a few of our favourite festive recipes for you and your gut. Christmas Cocoa When it is cold and dark outside...

Keep your microbes happy this Christmas

Lend your gut a helping hand this Christmas and minimise festive discomfort with Microbz’ yule time tips. Christmas means plenty of food and drink which can lead to bloating, indigestion, constipation and other health problems. But there are steps you can take to get...

Why do men need probiotics?

Men, just like everyone else, benefit from maintaining a healthy digestive tract and taking a liquid probiotic regularly can be the best thing to do just that. Delivering beneficial bacteria straight to the gut can help create a balanced and harmonious environment...

Boost your immunity. Beat that cold.

Get the boost you need to ward off the winter blues. Buy one, get one free on Microbz Bio-Live Echinacea Plus and Bio-Live Breathease until 22 November. It’s winter, the days are getting shorter and the temperature is dropping. Although the annual sniffle season can...

Improve your soil, naturally

Did you know that the soil beneath your feet underpins the health of the planet? That’s because healthy soil is teeming with life. There are more organisms in a teaspoon of good soil than there are people on Earth! Each of these organisms, including earthworms,...

Q&A with Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen

Hi Microbz family, this week we are talking with Holly Johnson from Holly’s Wholesome Kitchen. Holly is a promoter of all things healthy and her website is the perfect platform promoting delicious recipes, reviews on new health products and tips on nourishing your...

How can young people support their mental health?

Mental health issues are becoming more common in young people, or are being reported more often. Either way, the question about how society can support young people with mental health issues is an unfolding crisis. Depression, anxiety and eating disorders are on the...

Hello Autumn hello change

The gut microbiome consists of trillions of live microbes which work every day to ensure our health is ship shape for all modern life encounters. And of course, when we say live we really do mean ALIVE. These microbes – in our gut - are not static, and as we go about...

Our Blog

Our blog tells you more about what microbes do, how they work and how they can help you. You’ll hear from people who use them, learn about the ingredients we use and how microbes are helping people all over the world. If you have any stories about microbes, we want to hear them, send them to info@microbz.co.uk The effects described in these stories can not be guaranteed and results may vary.

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Sue's Diary
  • Why we ferment juices, herbs and minerals with microbes
  • Why should you take a probiotic that is alive?
  • Enjoy gut friendly festive foods this Christmas
  • Keep your microbes happy this Christmas
  • Why do men need probiotics?
  • Boost your immunity. Beat that cold.
  • Improve your soil, naturally
  • Q&A with Holly's Wholesome Kitchen
  • How can young people support their mental health?
  • Hello Autumn hello change
  • Microbes, small but mighty!
  • Back to school, back to microbes
  • The marvellous macro-mineral, magnesium
  • Keep your gut healthy on your travels
  • Water is life, and clean water means health
  • How goddesses manage the menopause
  • 3 reasons pregnant women should take a probiotic
  • Why women should be celebrating lactobacilli
  • Women: feel like the goddess that you are
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    3 new ways microbes are helping to treat waste  
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    No flies on us - Di Gilpin
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  • Keeping horses healthy on Rushall Organic Farm
    Keeping horses healthy on Rushall Organic Farm
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    Multikraft and bioemsan products
  • Six things microbes do for you
    Six things microbes do for you
  • The Healing Power of Moringa

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