Prevent antibiotic resistance, trust nature

For decades now we humans have been disturbing the natural balance of microbes with our over-use of chemicals and antibiotics. Microbes (single-cell organisms) may be invisible but they live on and in everything: the mountains and oceans, plants and animals, soils and...

How we revived our pond: make your own wildlife haven this summer

                    “A wildlife pond is one of the single best features for attracting new wildlife to the garden” The Wildlife Trust This year at Microbz HQ we have a wealth of wildlife around our ponds: herons,...

Feed the plants that feed you: with a probiotic

Did you know, just like humans, plants and soils also need a probiotic? The health of plants and soil is determined by billions of incredible microscopic microbes. They form a symbiotic relationship with plants. Plants have a microbiome too. It is called the...

Introducing: Microbz for your garden

Did you know that plants need microbes too? And soil? The whole of life is determined by these microscopic creatures working together. In fact, there are more microbes in a teaspoon of good soil than there are people on earth. It never ceases to amaze us. Using...

Help Us Beat Air Pollution This World Environment Day

It’s World Environment Day! Today we’re celebrating all things environment. It does, after all, sustain us. Every year this day focuses on different themes to bring attention to environmental concerns. This year the theme is air pollution, a global crisis. Right now 9...

Fabulous fermentation and what it can do for you

Fermenting is a buzzword in the wellbeing field these days because it is a kind of magic. It naturally makes food more digestible, nutritious and full of flavour. It’s been around for centuries but is having a revival now, driven by the knowledge that fermented foods...

It’s hay fever time! Microbes to the rescue

In the UK, a staggering 2 in 10 people are affected by one or more allergies. And this number is rapidly increasing. You may be one of the many people developing allergies like asthma and hay fever. We are encouraged to believe that killing 99% of bacteria within our...

Smart, safe and effective – what is it?

A probiotic cleaner, of course! Adding more good microbes around your home and onto your surfaces works to crowd out bad microbes. Most commonly used eco-friendly cleaners use enzymes. However, enzymes are only effective during application and once a product has been...

Why should you switch to probiotic cleaners?

You are never home alone. Rob Dunn, an American biologist who hunts microbial life, has recently said that humans can share their homes with around 5,000 species of insects and bacteria. These millions of minute friends help to make up a unique blueprint. Most...

Balance acidity in the stomach and ease reflux

Indigestion, acid reflux and heartburn cause millions of people discomfort every day. Beneficial microbes don’t just help the lining of the gut and colon, they are also effective at dealing with issues higher up the digestive tract. Reflux is caused by pathogenic...

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Our blog tells you more about what microbes do, how they work and how they can help you. You’ll hear from people who use them, learn about the ingredients we use and how microbes are helping people all over the world. If you have any stories about microbes, we want to hear them, send them to The effects described in these stories can not be guaranteed and results may vary.

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Sue's Diary
  • How we revived our pond: make your own wildlife haven this summer
  • Feed the plants that feed you: with a probiotic
  • Introducing: Microbz for your garden
  • Fabulous fermentation and what it can do for you
  • It's hay fever time! Microbes to the rescue
  • Smart, safe and effective – what is it?
  • Why should you switch to probiotic cleaners?
  • Balance acidity in the stomach and ease reflux
  • The benefits of adding prebiotic foods to your diet
  • Share love and microbes this Valentines
  • Why we ferment juices, herbs and minerals with microbes
  • Why should you take a probiotic that is alive?
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  • Women: feel like the goddess that you are
  • Stressed out? Microbes to the rescue
  • Rooting for vegetables
  • The cycle of life and how microbes help
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    Microbes in September
  • helpful bacteria for general health conditions
    Which bacteria are most helpful for general health conditions?
  • Naish House
    Microbes in August
  • Microbes - The world’s best recyclers.
    3 new ways microbes are helping to treat waste  
  • Naish House
    Microbes in July
  • Natural Paddock Fertiliser
    Paddock Bio Green - Lindsay Cotterall
  • Microbes
    Microbes in June
  • Keeping horses healthy on Rushall Organic Farm
    No flies on us - Di Gilpin
  • Microbes
    Microbes in May
  • Keeping horses healthy on Rushall Organic Farm
    Keeping horses healthy on Rushall Organic Farm
  • Six things microbes do for you
    Six things microbes do for you
  • The Healing Power of Moringa

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