An image of the mineral Selenium


Bio-Live: Selenium is a key ingredient in Bio-Live Gold, Bio-Live Dark and Bio-Live Kids.

Source: Alfalfa, barley, broccoli, brazil nuts, butter, cashews, crab, celery, eggs, fish, garlic, human breast milk, kidney, liver, mackerel, oysters, peanuts, seleno yeasts, tuna, turnip, onions, whole-grain cereal, organ meats.

Factors increasing demand: Aging, alcoholism, cancer, cirrhosis, Crohn’s disease, Coxsackievirus infections, cystic fibrosis, high cholesterol, heavy metal contamination, hypothyroidism, PMS, pregnancy, premature infants, smoking, vitamin C deficiency.

Therapeutic uses: Aging, AIDS, alcoholism, heart disease, heavy metal toxicity, cancer, Hep B, HIV infections, inflammatory diseases, MS, Parkinson’s disease, low immunity, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders.

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