Weed Controller: Naturally controls weeds


Naturally controls weeds in paths, driveways and beds.

Not harmful to children and pets.

Key Ingredients

Acetic acid, also known as ethanoic acid, is a chemical compound found in many different products. It’s perhaps most well-known as the main component of vinegar, apart from water, and is thought to supply ingredients like apple cider vinegar with many of their health-promoting properties.

What's in it?

INGREDIENTS: purified water, acetic acid (organic), molasses and rapeseed oil.

The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

Using your microbes

Ready to use. Apply with spraying device. Treat on a calm day. Effective only on weeds under 50cm in height. 100ml treats approximately 1 square metre. This product damages plant foliage so spray with care. Results between 4-18 hours. You can reapply in 2 weeks.

Caring for your microbes

Keep at room temperature, out of sunlight and out of reach of pets and children.


Use goggles or glasses, gloves and protective footwear. Wash hands after use. Do not drink.

Weed Controller


This is a non-systemic weed controller that is effective on paths and driveways, in garden beds and containers. The main active ingredient is acetic acid which coats leaves and, with the help of rapeseed oil and molasses, ensures that leaves cannot breathe so they die off and weeds are stunted. Weed Controller is most effective when applied every 2 – 3 weeks. It checks weed growth extremely effectively.

Please note: unlike glyphosate, Weed Controller is not a final solution that kills the plant down to the roots and harms soil microbes, so you know you are not polluting your garden or damaging any visible or invisible wildlife above or below the surface.

For all unwanted vegetation around your gardens, paths and driveways.

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