Trough BioFresh: Natural Water Energiser

Trough BioFresh: Natural Water Energiser

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Designed to naturally activate, condition and energise water for cleaner, fresher water troughs. These ceramic beads are made from clay and are a non-toxic antidote to algae, saving on labour and cleaning. Simply hang one or two in a water trough out of reach of curious animals.

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The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

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Use these ceramic bead packs to help promote good quality drinking water, with less algae and less slime. Simple to attach for clear, sparkling, better quality water. They are low maintenance and labour saving – you will not need to empty and clean the troughs as often. Designed to control oxidation by activating, conditioning and energising water.

The effects are not guaranteed and results may vary.

How it works

Water retains traces of everything that comes into contact with it. Small particles in the water, or dissolved solids, have tiny charged ions that attract the solids together and to the water molecules, forming clusters of water molecules with impurities trapped inside.

Using Ceramic Beads

Simply attach the bag of beads to the trough ball cock out of sight. Allow beads to be fully immersed in the water. For large troughs, use 2 bags. Unlimited shelf life.

1 review for Trough BioFresh: Natural Water Energiser

  1. Charles

    I don’t know if water quality changes but what i am sure about is that I am much more hydrated when drinking water with theses ceramics than before!

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