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Pro-Go Personal Atomisers


Purify your home, naturally with our Pro-Go Personal Atomiser.

Pro-go Personal Atomiser is the easiest and fanciest way of experiencing the benefits of cleaning and enhancing the air, objects and surfaces with beneficial microbes.

Active air purification is great for people with asthma and allergies because probiotics feed on organic matter such as pollen, mould and dust mite waste. Smells are neutralised and surfaces are cleaner  as the probiotics settle on them.

Our Pro-Go Personal Atomiser is perfect for on the go to create healthier, cleaner and smell-free indoor environments.

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What's included

  • 1x Pro-Go Personal Atomiser unit
  • 1x 5ml Air and Fabric Freshener sachet
  • 1x mixing bottle

Why we love the Pro-Go Personal Atomiser

  • 100% organic probiotics purifying indoor surfaces and the air you breathe
  • Safe for everyone in your family, including pets and plants.
  • Fits seamlessly into any room or decor

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