Healthy Horses, by Ernest Hammes

Healthy Horses, by Ernest Hammes


This practical and informative book talks about how microbes play a beneficial role in animal husbandry.

Developed by Teruo Higa, a Japanese professor of agriculture, probiotics are a cost-effective means to maintain horse well-being and improve stable conditions. A balanced microbial structure in the digestive system of a horse is the base for utilizing its generic potential, and probiotics offer just that.

From growing and preparing fodder to treating hooves and keeping the surroundings healthy, this guide addresses the needs of professional breeders, private horse owners, veterinarians, farmers, and feed manufacturers. This handbook also includes detailed accounts by veterinarians, healing practitioners, and others who have used probiotics to their advantage.

Horse owners love their horses. They know their animals intimately and realise that, with the introduction of probiotics, horses become more peaceful and better prepared for performances of excellence. They are – and you will be – surprised by the multiple uses of probiotics.

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