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Dried Bokashi – Natural Bran 475g


Bokashi is a dried fermented wheat bran that naturally promotes fermentation of all food waste, cooked or uncooked. It suppresses unpleasant odours and accelerates fermentation of kitchen waste in a household composter such as a Bokashi bucket or food caddy. Once food waste has fully fermented, it can be worked into soil as a fertiliser. When diluted with water, the liquid run-off is also an excellent fertiliser for indoor pot plants or in the garden.

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How does it work?

Add a handful of Bokashi bran whenever you top up your kitchen waste in an airtight container. When full, add an extra handful of Bokashi as you empty onto compost or bury in soil.

  • effective microorganisms in Bokashi bran prevent putrefaction and encourage the fermentation of organic waste
  • can be used on cooked or uncooked meat, vegetable and dairy waste
  • eliminates food waste
  • reduces unpleasant odours
  • creates a rich fermented compost for your garden
  • produces liquid runoff which also boosts fertility in indoor and outdoor plants

What's in it?

Ingredients: Wheat bran*, effective microorganisms, sugar cane molasses*, charcoal, *organic. Made by hand in Wiltshire

Enjoying your Microbes

Add a handful of Bokashi to kitchen waste whenever you top it up. When you empty it outside onto compost or bury it in soil, add an extra handful of Bokashi.

Fermented food waste produces nutrient dense compost. Dilute liquid runoff 1:100 with water and apply sparingly to indoor and outdoor plants.

Caring for your microbes

Keep in an air tight container and replenish as necessary. Use within one year.


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