bioemsan Shower Gel

bioemsan Shower Gel


A moisturising, exceptionally gentle cleanser with mild herbal agents. You will preserve the natural moisture of your skin whilst showering and luxuriating in the wonderful scent of jasmine. Aloe vera gel moisturises the skin while jojoba and gold of pleasure oil prevent drying; sandalwood and rosewood combine with jasmine blossoms and ylang-ylang to make every shower a pleasure.

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  • soft and gentle on your skin, naturally
  • suitable for all skin types
  • delivers beneficial bacteria combined with natural, pure organic ingredients to nourish the skin

What's in it?

Beneficial microbes which intensify the effects of these ingredients: revitalised water and Manju, coco glucoside, aloe vera juice *, acyl glutamate, organic ethyl alcohol, xanthan, citric acid, Manju Sea Salt, jojoba oil, wheat protein, potassium sorbate, gold of pleasure oil, natural vitamin E, sea buckthorn oil, caramel colouring, herbal extracts: lime blossom *, blend of essential oils *: linalool **, geraniol **, citronellol**, benzyl benzoate**. Vegan

Enjoying your bioemsan Shower Gel

Apply to the skin while showering and rinse off with clean water. Also suitable for washing hair.

Caring for your bioemsan Shower Gel

Keep out of direct sunlight.

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