bioemsan Natural Deodorant Spray

bioemsan Natural Deodorant Spray


Ensure a feeling of all-over freshness with this deodorant loaded with friendly microbes. A natural and effective alternative to conventional antiperspirants and it’s totally free from synthetic emulsifiers, scents, colourings and preservatives.

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It is natural and healthy for our skin to perspire, so deodorants should only moderate and not block this reaction. This bioemsan deodorant contains a combination of beneficial microbes, essential oils and sage water to prevent unpleasant odours; it is an effective, natural alternative to chemical antiperspirants. Suitable for every type of skin. Particularly suitable for allergy sufferers because it delivers beneficial bacteria to the skin, balancing pathogenic microbes.

What's in it?

alcohol* (organic ethyl alcohol*), aqua (vitalised water and Manju), maris sal (Manju sea salt), salvia officinalis leaf water* (sage distillate*), lactic acid (lactic acid); herbal extracts*: salvia officinalis leaf extract* (sage*), thymus vulgaris extract* (thyme8), mentha piperita leaf extract* (peppermint*); aroma* (blend of essential oils*): Limonene Citral**, Eugenol**, Isoeugenol**, Linalool**, Geraniol**. * from controlled organic farming ** from natural essential oils. Free from synthetic emulsifiers, scents, colourings and preservatives; not genetically modified.

Enjoying your bioemsan Deodorant Spray

Apply the deodorant to clean skin. Using directly after shaving should be avoided as shaving can irritate the skin’s acid mantle. Can also be sprayed on tired and heavy legs to rejuvenate them. Contains ethyl alcohol. Do not spray into eyes. Do not spray into an open flame. Keep out of reach of children.

Caring for your bieomsan Deodorant Spray

Keep out of direct sunlight.


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