bioemsan Natural Creme Conditioner

bioemsan Natural Creme Conditioner

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Another key player in the bioemsan effective, organic and natural cosmetic range this conditioner, with organic lime blossom extracts, ensures smooth and healthy hair and gives it new energy and strength, with added shine and volume.

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bioemsan creme conditioner is the natural end to every hair wash. It is suitable for all types of hair and is especially effective in combination with bioemsan shampoo. Benefits include: easier to comb, added shine and healthier hair.

What's in it?

Beneficial microbes, purified water, manju, organic ethyl alcohol, lavender flower water, orange flower water, avocado oil. fatty alcohol, alo vera juice, gold of pleasure oil, shea butter, wheat protein, manju sea salt, natural vitamin E, chlorophyll, herbal extracts, liquorice root, lime blossom, marigold, roman camomile, potassium sorbate, blend of essential oils.

Enjoying your bioemsan creme conditioner

Massage a small amount from root to ends concentrating on the mid length to ends. Leave for a few minutes and then rinse. For best results, use with bioemsan avocado shampoo.

Caring for your bioemsan creme conditioner

Keep out of direct sunlight.

1 review for bioemsan Natural Creme Conditioner

  1. River

    I had samples of the shampoo and conditioner; finally my hair and scalp feels fed and nourished; relief! It now feels normal with shine and softness where before it felt like straw and my scalp is no longer dry and itchy due to symptoms of menopause. Now if it can just grow my hair back that would be something!! Very impressed with these products considering I only had ONE treatment and will be ordering the full size bottles. I would say that the shampoo doesn’t lather like traditional chemical based shampoos although it does lather.. but no bother to me as I just rubbed it into my scalp and it felt good and like it was working, feeding and cleansing.

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