bioemsan Cleansing Milk

bioemsan Cleansing Milk


Be kind to your face with this natural, organic and gentle facial cleanser designed to remove dirt particles and make-up and support a healthy complexion. Especially selected ingredients remove make-up from the skin and smooth the appearance of pores. Witch Hazel strengthens the skin and makes it soft and supple; combined with microbes this creates healthy skin, ready to face the challenges of everyday life.

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  • an ideal make-up remover that protects against premature ageing
  • especially suitable for people with dry or sensitive and irritated skin
  • restores skin fats and moisture, keeps skin blemish free
  • does not change the natural acidic mantle of the skin
  • herbal extracts (rosemary, peppermint and sage) with beneficial microbes and Manju restore the skin’s natural balance
  • olive and gold of pleasure oil provide suppleness
  • hydrolate and Manju Sea Salt moisturise the skin; ceramic powder protects against environmental influences.

What's in it?

Beneficial microbes which intensify the effects of these ingredients: revitalised water and Manju, rosemary distillate *, olive oil, organic ethyl alcohol, rose flower water, orange flower water *, cetearyl glucoside and cetearyl alcohol (vegetable emulsifier), witch hazel distillate *, gold of pleasure oil, Manju Sea Salt, natural vitamin E, xanthan, lactic acid; herbal extracts: peppermint *, rosemary, sage; potassium sorbate; blend of essential oils *: limonene**, linalool**, citronellol**

Enjoying your bioemsan Cleansing Milk

Apply to the face, neck and décolleté every morning and evening, remove with a moist (water, herbal tea or hydrolate) cotton wool ball; rinse with lukewarm water. Also suitable for use as an eye make-up remover.

Caring for your bioemsan Cleansing Milk

Keep out of direct sunlight.

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