bioemsan Natural Avocado Shampoo

bioemsan Natural Avocado Shampoo


Let your hair shine and look healthy from the root to the tip with this high grade, effective, organic and natural shampoo containing beneficial microbes. Avocado oil revitalises your hair restoring suppleness and a silky shine. This natural carefully developed shampoo has a fine fragrance and adds body and lustre.

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Avocado oil revitalises your hair and prevents a dry scalp and brittle, damaged hair. bioemsan shampoos are free from surfactants and chemicals so create less foam than conventional shampoos, while having the same effect even from the first wash.

What's in it?

Beneficial microbes, avocado oil, shea butter. Herbal extracts from liquorice, lime blossom, marigold, camomile. Aloe vera gel. Plus blended cardamom, coriander, cedar, cistus, jasmine and ylang ylang fragrance. Precious Manju Sea Salt. Wheat protein to add body and lustre.

Enjoying your bioemsan Avocado Shampoo

We recommend mixing a small amount of shampoo with two or three times the amount of water for each hair wash and applying it to wet hair. Leave the shampoo to take effect for a short time for optimum results and then rinse thoroughly.

Caring for your bioemsan Avocado Shampoo

Keep out of direct sunlight.


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