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How to boost your gut health – from ditching sweeteners to fermenting your food

Research suggests the state of our microbiota may affect a multitude of health issues, from general immunity, IBS, bloating, Crohn’s disease and ­ulcerative colitis, to the stiffness of the arteries present in heart disease, kidney disease, skin conditions and even mental health problems. The Daily Mirror has outlined a few ways on how to achieve a healthy gut. Read more

Gut bacteria may have impact on mental health, study says

Researchers in Belgium found that people with depression had consistently low levels of bacteria known as Coprococcus and Dialister whether they took antidepressants or not. If the preliminary finding stands up to further scrutiny, it could pave the way for new treatments for mental health disorders based on probiotics that boost levels of “good” bacteria in the intestines. Read more

Antibiotic resistance plan to fight ‘urgent’ global threat

Overuse of antibiotics is making infections harder to treat and leading to thousands of deaths a year through drug-resistant superbugs. Health Secretary Matt Hancock, launching the government’s 20-year vision at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, will say: “Each and every one of us benefits from antibiotics but we all too easily take them for granted and I shudder at the thought of a world in which their power is diminished. Antimicrobial resistance is as big a danger to humanity as climate change or warfare. That’s why we need an urgent global response.” Read more

Faecal transplant researchers identify ‘super-pooper’ donors

Researchers looking into the success of faecal transplants believe they have identified why the poo of certain donors produces better results than others – so called “super-donors”. A team at the University of Auckland examined results from previous studies on faecal transplants – when faeces, and the microbes it contains, are taken from a healthy gut and used to “re-set” the gut of the recipient – to understand why poo from certain donors resulted in a better success rate in treating certain conditions. Read more

Magical microbes – how to feed your gut

Kimchi, kombucha, sauerkraut, miso and kefir – all fermented foods and drinks – have been around for centuries, but suddenly they are all the rage. The reason? They are supposedly packed full of gut-healthy microorganisms, and we are finally waking up to just how much the trillions of microorganisms that live in our guts (AKA the gut microbiome) contribute to our mental and physical health. Read more

Why modern lifestyles are wrecking children’s gut health

Scientists are learning that children’s microbiomes are particularly sensitive to external influences, and crucial to their long-term risk of disease. Many believe that aspects of modern lifestyle – including the rise in Caesareans, reliance on antibiotics, over-cleanliness and processed foods – are distorting the microbes in children’s guts, thus driving health problems.Read more

Vegan Gut Health 101: Fermented Foods and Probiotics

The work of turning food into fuel is done by 40 trillion “good guy” gut bacteria. They determine when we feel hungry and how we store fat, communicate with our brain to regulate our moods and help ward off disease. So this year, instead of depriving your body, why not try loading up on foods that feed your digestive system’s beneficial bacteria—and help them help you?Read more

Seven ways to boost your gut health

Scientists have identified a few species among the many trillions of microbes that live in your intestines that play a crucial role in gut health and maintaining a balanced immune system. Your dietary intake is vital to allowing these species to flourish and to preventing imbalances that can lead to disease.Read more

Gut microbes may reduce heart disease risk, shows new research

Most people know that the risk factors for heart disease are high blood pressure, high cholesterol and smoking.

But these factors are not very good at predicting heart disease in younger people, in women and in some ethnic groups. A poor gut microbiome could be the missing risk factor we’ve been looking for.Read more

Gut Microbes Could Soon Diagnose and Explain The Cause of IBS and IBD

Doctors have long scratched their heads over the causes and cures for two common diseases of the digestive system: IBS and IBD. But research out today in Science Translational Medicine takes a leap forward in explaining these conditions, thanks to a major undertaking to sequence the gut microbiomes of almost 2,000 people.Read more

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