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At Microbz, we want to be totally transparent about what is in our unique fermented bio live cultures. There are 10 varieties of Bio-Live and each is 100% natural and fermented with live active microbes and different herbs and minerals that are known to support specific areas of health. We know that you value natural products and here is our proof that Bio-Live is just that. 

These herbs have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to reduce inflammation and support the immune system. Microbes are expert at extracting the nutrients and essential minerals from these ingredients and delivering them to wherever in the body they are most needed.

Do you want to balance your hormones? sleep better? beat a cold? or support the function of your lungs or liver? We have a Bio-Live for you.

Our microbzpedia gives you full information on the abundant variety of ingredients in the Bio-Live range. Explore the history, botanical and biochemical properties, uses and much more.

Discover what goes into our hand brewed supplements.

Please note: All dosages quoted for herbs in the microbzpedia are for standard therapeutic doses at the time of compilation. The regulatory cautions listed for medicinal use do not apply to our Bio-Live formulations, which are highly diluted gentle remedies in micro-doses.

Bio Live Cultures

Traditional Herbs

Minerals and other ingredients

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