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Bio-Live: Iodine is a key mineral in Bio-Live Gold, Bio-Live Dark and Bio-Live Kids.

Source: Asparagus, cod, dairy products, garlic, iodised salt, Irish moss, Lima beans, mushrooms, oysters, seaweed, sunflower seeds.

Factors increasing demand: Breast cancer, diarrhoea, excessive carbohydrate intake, excessive weight gain, pregnancy, goitre, goitrogen rich foods: cabbage, turnips, brussel sprouts, cassava.

Therapeutic uses: Atherosclerosis, atrial fibrillation, breast cancer prevention, breast tenderness, congestive heart failure, cold hands and feet, fungal infections, fibrocystic breast disease, hypothyroidism, infection, insulin resistance, low IQ in children, obesity, oestrogen excess, PSOS, syndrome X, weight loss.

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