An image of the mineral Inositol


Bio-Live: Inositol is a key ingredient in Bio-Live Gold and Bio-Live Dark.

Source: Bacterial synthesis in the gut, beans, brewers yeast, cantaloupe, cereals, citrus fruit, corn, grains, lecithin, nuts, organ meats, pork, seeds, veal.

Factors increasing demand: Blood pressure, chronic renal failure, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, impaired kidney function, lactation, premature infants, stress, uraemia, respiratory distress syndrome, chronic renal failure.

Therapeutic uses: Alcoholism, agyrophobia, anxiety, atherosclerosis, bulimia, bipolar disorder. Cancer: colon, metastatic lung and mammary cancers; cataracts, constipation, depression, diabetes, heart disease, insomnia, ketosis, premature infants, PTSD, BCD, social phobia.

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