Natural Probiotic Cleaning Products

Same microbes, new brand

We’re proud to partner with WeAreProbiotic to bring you healthy indoor environments.

We know that using a probiotic cleaner makes your home cleaner for longer and is safer than using chemical cleaners. Teaming up with WeAreProbiotic will get more microbes to more people, which is good for homes, health and the planet.

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    Probiotic Cleaning Starter Pack

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  • An image of a probiotic hardfloor cleaner

    Hard Floor & Tile Cleaner

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  • An image of a probiotic power cleaner

    Power Cleaner – Grapefruit and Rosemary

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  • Bottle of probiotic multi surface and glass cleaner

    Multi-Surface & Glass Cleaner

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  • An image of a bottle of a probiotic Air and Fabric freshener

    Air and Fabric Freshener

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  • A bottle of a probiotic Air and Fabric Fresnener for Pets

    Air and Fabric Freshener for Pets

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  • An image of probiotic cleaner sachets in a row

    Refill Sachets

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  • illustration of a person wiping a window

    The Casual Cleaner – £4.50/month

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  • an illustration of a person moping and a dog

    The Everyday Cleaner – £6.50/month

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  • an illustration of a woman and a daughter cleaning a surface

    The Constant Cleaner – £8.50/month

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  • Silicone Collapsible Funnel: blue funnel on a white background

    Silicone Collapsible Funnel

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  • a pair of bamboo cleaning cloths - white with orange trim

    Bamboo Cleaning Cloths

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  • Mini Probiotic Atomiser: mini atomiser to purify the air in your home

    Mini Probiotic Atomiser

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  • Probiotic Atomiser Refill on a white background

    Probiotic Atomiser Refill

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  • Pro-Go Atomiser: in silver on a white background

    Pro-Go Personal Atomisers

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  • An image of a probiotic power cleaner

    Cleaning Spray Bottle

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  • Ceramic Water Pipes 50g

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  • Handcrafted Ceramic Water Jugs

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  • Microbz product: Cotton tote bag with microbz logo

    Microbz Natural Cotton Tote Bag

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  • an image of natural wheat bran in a brown bag

    Dried Bokashi – Natural Bran 475g

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  • Drains Clean and Clear – Concentrate

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Chemical-free Cleaning

Whether you require a multi-surface cleaner, a drain clearing product or a carpet cleaner, we are confident we have a natural household cleaning product for you.

Microbz and WeAreProbiotic cleaning products can even be used to clean tough surfaces including stainless steel, ovens and tough stains on fabrics.

Our natural household cleaning products are as gentle as using hot water but with added microbial benefits. They go on working long after use and build up a bio-film of beneficial microbes that continue to protect surfaces and break down pathogens. Find out how they work.

Studies show that microbial cleaners reduce overall microbial activity, reduce odours, and are actually safer, more effective and efficient than conventional cleaners. Click here for a recent study on microbial cleaners.

Why Choose Natural Microbial Cleaners?

Our natural household cleaning products are not only eco-friendly, non-toxic and chemical-free but they are also extremely affordable.

They cater to all areas of the home and act as a safe and effective cleaning agent. They restore the balance of positive microbes and protect your home from pathogenic bacteria. We also supply natural air fresheners and textile cleaners.

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