Introducing one solution: microbial cleaners

In February, American scientists released new research that showed that regular use of cleaning sprays has an impact on lung health comparable to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. The chemicals in cleaning products can irritate the fragile mucous membranes that line...

Microbes in November

Hi there,  It has taken me some years to get here, but now I use microbes in almost every aspect of life here at Spirthill: in my home, in the office, in the garden, with the humans and the animals. I love reaching for a 100% environmentally friendly and chemical-free...

What microbes do for you: 18-19 November 2017

Come and join us for fascinating facts about the microbial world and how it benefits us. Talks on agriculture by Carlos Castrillo, equestrian health by Kate Williamson, human health by Jeff Allen and home cleaning by Sue Allen. There will also be exclusive tours...

Microbes in October

Hi there,  With trees losing their leaves and the clocks going back at the end of the month, this is a time for drawing in, for fires and creative evenings, and the comforts of home. It has taken me some years to get here, but by now I use microbes in almost every...

Microbes in August

“The last 100 years have featured human solutions to microbial problems, but the next 100 years will feature microbial solutions to human problems.” Anne Madden, microbiologist on (Meet the microscopic life in your home – and on your face) Wow, this big...

3 new ways microbes are helping to treat waste  

Microbes love to munch on dirt and grease, but they don’t just eat nature’s waste, they recycle it. Natural environments have a cycle of life and death and microbes are crucial at every step. As the building blocks of life, they break down organic matter making it...

Microbes in May

Here is my diary of all the different ways I use microbes at Spirthill. This routine works a treat – and I love knowing that it is 100% chemical free. Daily Add Pet Nutrition Booster to our lab puppy Kit’s drinking water and also to Vic the cat’s wet food Drink my...


Our blog tells you more about what microbes do, how they work and how they can help you. You’ll hear from people who use them, learn about the ingredients we use and how microbes are helping people all over the world. If you have any stories about microbes, we want to hear them, send them to The effects described in these stories can not be guaranteed and results may vary.

Microbes, small but mighty!

“Life would not long remain possible in the absence of microbes.”- Louis Pasteur   Microbes are everywhere. Our bodies contain 10 times more microbes than human cells, our own community of trillions of single cell, living organisms (known as the microbiome) and, as we...

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Back to school, back to microbes

It’s the last stretch of the summer holidays so getting back to school is right around the corner. Everyone’s been adventuring - maybe to exotic places, maybe with kids on the street or in the playground, maybe at summer camp. But wherever your child has been and...

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The marvellous macro-mineral, magnesium

Magnesium is a vital mineral that is essential to our body and its functions. It is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions and plays several important roles in the health of your body and brain. Magnesium helps to: keep blood pressure normal steady your heart...

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Keep your gut healthy on your travels

School’s out and summer holidays are underway! For many of us the early morning rush to the airport with our carry ons and frantic double checking of passports and tickets is only days away. In the midst of this chaos and excitement, it’s easy to let your regular...

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Water is life, and clean water means health

We are 60% water. Water is essential to keep our bodies functioning well. It is crucial for a healthy digestion, helping to break down the food we eat, allowing it to pass through our intestines more easily and boosting nutrient absorption. It also helps temperature...

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How goddesses manage the menopause

The human body is incredible. It can digest food and keep breathing without being reminded, but there are few things that can rival the female reproductive system’s complexity. After puberty and the chance of pregnancy and childbirth, the menopause is the last...

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3 reasons pregnant women should take a probiotic

Pregnancy is a really exciting time and there is a lot to prepare. There might be a nursery to decorate, newborn baby grows to buy and courses to take ready for birth. But the body is also working overtime creating a new human being, so it too needs time, and a little...

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Why women should be celebrating lactobacilli

Calling all women. I’m sorry to tell you this, but your vagina is not just yours. It is also home to over 50 species of microbes. This is called your vaginal microbiome – the community of microbes that live in the vagina. The gut and the vagina have very different...

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Women: feel like the goddess that you are

Women’s bodies are wonderfully complex. Women are reminded of this monthly. And they may get to experience the miracle of childbirth and breastfeeding. But there are some things that don’t make women feel like the goddesses they are: urinary infections, thrush, severe...

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Stressed out? Microbes to the rescue

A certain amount of stress can be a good thing. Stress helps us to cope with demanding situations by releasing adrenaline for concentration and perseverance. But prolonged periods of stress can pose serious problems for physical and mental health. Our modern life has...

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