Laura Garwood

It’s changed me and my little boy’s life. It’s all natural, it’s all good, it’s in a liquid so it’s easy to take, you can’t go wrong with it.

I’m a full-time mum to two boys. It was six years ago now, I had a really bad labour with my first child and I developed hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease. I’ve got that for life. My mother-in-law she loves all your stuff, she told me you should take this probiotic and the boys should be taking it. I didn’t even know what a probiotic
was to be honest until she said this is what you need to do. So it started from there

It was a horrible time, I had anxiety, depression, brain fog and muscle ache, I didn’t feel well with it, I was tired. I didn’t look bright, it really did affect me. I didn’t want to go out of the house, I didn’t want to see people, everything was a struggle. With a young baby I thought it was normal, but my doctor picked up on it.

I take microbz women but I started on microbz sustain. Obviously I am takingmedication as well which helped, but with the probiotic my brain fog lifted, I didn’t have any joint pain, I felt happier. I could see where my mother-in-law wasc oming from with how it helps with your gut, even going to the toilet I felt better in myself, I felt brighter.

I found the power in me to say to my husband that he needed to step up. I went outmore, I went back to my job after a year which I don’t think I would have been able to before. So it impacted my life a lot.

I’ve tried other stuff over the years but we always come back to microbz. Now my little boy he takes it, he waits in the morning with a little cup and it’s changed his life.

My boy is 6 now. We had a bit of a trauma with him. He had a seizure and was hospitalised after a really bad case of tonsilitis. My mother-in-law told me all about gut bacteria and said microbz kids would help him. I was worried about the taste but he was fine with it and honestly since taking the kids he has been loads better. Last year he got really ill again when we hadn’t been taking microbz but since March last year we’ve been religiously taking it every single day. Luckily so far this winter it has been an amazing improvement and I don’t know what else to put it down to apart from microbz kids.


The way he waits for it he knows it’s doing him good. He’s
got used to the taste and now he likes it. It has changed his life, I don’t
ever want to run out.


It’s changed me and my little boy’s life. It’s all natural,
it’s all good, it’s in a liquid so it’s easy to take, you can’t go wrong with
it. We really like it, I’m using the cleaning spray as well and we really like
that. I just add it to water in a spray bottle and it lasts for ages and it
cleans well. Even my husband, he wasn’t keen at first but he says it’s all
right. I use it everywhere, I just feel better using that than using all the
other rubbish.