Chromium: An image of the mineral Chromium




Bio-Live: Chromium is a key mineral in Bio-Live Gold, Bio-Live Dark and Bio-Live Kids.

Source: Asparagus, apples, beer, brewer’s yeast, cheese, egg yolk, grape juice, liver, lobster, molasses, mushrooms, nuts, oysters, peanuts, pepper, potato, prunes, raisins, shrimp, wheat, yeast.

Factors increasing demand: Ageing, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, excess intake of refined food and sugars, glucose infusions, high cholesterol, high phosphate diets, hyperglycaemia, lipid metabolism, mature on-set diabetes, oestrogen therapy, physical trauma, pregnancy, strenuous exercise, stress.

Therapeutic uses: Atherosclerosis, body building, coronary artery disease, diabetes, dry eye syndrome, elevated intake of glucose or refined carbohydrates, gestational diabetes, high blood cholesterol, eating-related atypical symptoms of depression, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, infertility, stress, sugar craving, trauma, vanadium toxicity.

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