I have chronic rhinosinusitis and COPD, which probiotic would you recommend?

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Hi Zara,- I have chronic rhinosinusitis and find it difficult to breathe through my nose At All,.. and yes,- unfortunately I am a Smoker!-- and therefore have COPD! I've had the rhinosinusitis all my life,- and to be honest I think it may be a ' contributory factor ' to my smoking, as well as the other way around!-- (Which may sound a bit odd to most but a smoker may know what I mean!) I also take Ibuprofen quite regularly for back pain. I'd be interested in taking the product that you offer. Can you advise if you think it is worthwhile for me?..

Zara's Answer:

While I can’t guarantee a Microbz product will cure the Rhinosinusitis, I can say that good gut health is the foundation of 90% of our health and so starting there is a great thing to do.
All the beneficial microbes in our body play a role in all its systems including the mucous membranes.
If there was any link with allergy to this then strengthening the immune system with Bio-Live is also beneficial.  Netti pots can also help, especially to soothe or decongest, and you can put a little of the Microbz Bio-Live in with the water too.
I highly recommend the book Breath by James Nestor - these things can be changed at any age.
There can also be a big connection to teeth placement which affects the facial nasal cavities and jaw but this too can be improved even in later life.
He also gives many breath techniques that you can try.
Do make sure you are taking plenty of vitamin C with the smoking.

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