Suffering with heartburn? Here’s how to address the underlying causes

Gastroesophageal Reflux is the scientific name given to what we all know more commonly as either acid reflux or heartburn. It’s likely that you’d have experienced it at some point in your life, perhaps during a spell of ill health, during pregnancy or after a very...

The relationship between the gut and your skin and how to look after both

You’ve probably heard a fair bit about the gut microbiome but we’re predicting probiotic skincare becoming the next HUGE buzzword. To get ahead of the curve, we’ve pulled together what you need to know about how microbes work with the largest organ you have: your...

Thank you for supporting women and children in rural India

Okay we talk about health a lot, we know! But it’s because we are incredibly passionate about arming as many people as possible with the knowledge and the tools to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This mission isn’t confined to the UK and selling probiotics. We...

Why is water so important?

Speaking plainly: water is crucial to sustaining life. This is true on both on an individual basis - around 60% of our bodies are made up of water - and on a global scale, around 70% of our planet. When it comes to our health, drinking enough water helps with a huge...

Soil’s unknowable wonders could ensure the survival of our species

A few weeks ago, we found this article on the Guardian website, and it’s frankly excellent – we have left it in our Instagram bio ever since so that people can find it, read it and share it. The numbers and facts in the opening couple of paragraphs alone are enough to...

Should my kids take a probiotic supplement?

Everyone of us has bacteria in our system, primarily in the gut, in our saliva and on our skin. The ‘good’ bacteria, or microbes, work in harmony with us and play an important role in all sorts of every-day functions. They help by strengthening our immune system,...

How can a probiotic support your liver health?

The liver is well named – it is a vital organ to help us live, and yet so often taken for granted. We wouldn’t be able to survive one day without our liver, so it benefits us to find out more about it and, crucially, the best way to look after it. Recent studies show...

Could microbes help you manage your IBS symptoms?

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common chronic disorder which affects the intestines. The symptoms often cause discomfort and include bloating, constipation, cramping, gas or diarrhoea. Although pretty unpleasant, most people find they can manage their symptoms...

Do you want a healthy garden that is full of life? Try using probiotics

It is common to think about using probiotics for our gut health, but at microbz we like to take a holistic approach to incorporating microbes into our lives and the environments we inhabit. As the seasons change, and the warmer weather starts to re-appear, one of...

Can love and kindness support your health?

We all know that it’s good to be kind and love each other, but have you ever considered that it might actually be beneficial to your health? Sue and Jeff have created a core ethos of seeing health and wellbeing from a holistic approach that incorporates physical,...

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