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Patti Worcester

Advanced four year Diploma of Naturopathy
Advanced four year Diploma Western Herbal Medicine
Live and coagulated Blood Morphology Bradford Method
Certificate Biomesotherapy
Certificate Bush Flower Remedies
Certificate Bach Flower Remedies
Diploma Reflexology and Colour Analysis
Montessori Director
Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

“You service your car every year, not when it breaks down. Why wait to service your body?” – Patti Worcester

Patti is a highly motivated and experienced Medical Herbalist, Naturopath and Live Blood Analyst. She strives for excellence in clinical practice by taking a holistic approach to care and ensuring she listens carefully to her clients, without judgment. She believes that to ensure the best treatment for each individual it is critical to consider their lifestyles and emotional wellbeing, as well as to establish their specific needs and concerns.

Patti has treated thousands of people with diverse needs, from those with chronic or degenerative conditions to those who simply want to live a balanced, healthier life. She creates a warm and comfortable environment in her online consults where clients feel welcome and secure.

Patti has worked and trained in both the U.K. and Australia over the past 35 years. She ran a highly successful natural therapy clinic in South Australia, building a client base of 1400 active clients. Her clinic work included a cross-section of the community from babies to the elderly, chronically sick, football players as well as treating members of the local Indigenous community and others inspired to improve the quality of their health.

Patti holds Advanced Diplomas in both Western Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy. In her field, she is one of the few practitioners accredited with Live and Coagulated Blood Morphology and was fortunate to study under renowned Microbiologist Professor Trevor Douglas.

Online Service

Pre-Consultation – Complimentary 10 mins
Initial Consultation and treatment/dispensing plan – 1 hour of your time

During your consultation Patti will:

• Take a full case history, discuss any signs and symptoms of concern.
• Discuss your food diary and make alterations if needed with recipes.
• Discuss physical activities and make plans/alterations where needed.
• Prescribe microbes, herbs or nutritionals as required.
• Make a plan of action at a pace that is achievable.

Initial Consultation: £85
Follow up: £55

Treatment package: Consultation, treatment and dispensing plan plus three follow ups £225.00

“I work to facilitate positive change at a pace that is achievable by each individual. Your journey is where healing takes place. Given the right tools, both emotionally and physically, the body will go a long way to rebalance itself.” – Patti Worcester

What’s on your mind?

To get in touch with Patti, either fill in the contact form below to send your message or please feel free to call Patti.

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Patti did a thorough consultation with me made some suggestions regarding diet and exercise as well as using Microbz probiotics.
I felt very comfortable with her even though I was disclosing very personal information like my food diary and weight with her. Her approach is kind and instills confidence. Excellent value for money. What price can you put on your health after all?
Gary, 52

I presented to Patti with a number of health issues. Her diagnosis was totally accurate & her advice most effective. I have sent members of my family to seek advice & recommended her to many friends.
Nick, 69

Patti has genuine passion for what she does & every appointment is filled with joy & laughter. She has a vast knowledge about inflammatory bowel disease & has helped me stay healthy & flare up free.
Frankie, 16

Patti is a wonderful person and outstanding naturopath. She has a vast knowledge and boundless energy. Ever generous with her experience she will make an impact on your wellbeing, health and heart.
Stephanie, 47

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